Amharic and Geez Made Easy, With New Software ዓማርኛና ግዕዝ በቀላሉ ለመክተብ፣ ግዕዝኤዲት 2.0


GeezEdit Testimonials in Amharic and English

Sent: 2/9/2015 5:16:22 P.M. Mountain Standard Time
Subj: Admiration and gratitude
To Dr. Aberra Molla,
First of all let me extend my profound admiration and gratutude for the admirable contribution you have given to our country. Thanks to ESAT television program, I was able to witness what a remarkable Ethiopian you are. Unfortunately, it seems as a rule we Ethiopians lack the capacity to lift up and celebrate our heroes.  I can imagine it's no small task pioneering in the development of Amharic software, and yet when I learned you were the single individual who was responsible for the return of the Axum Obelisk from Italy, I feel shame as an Ethiopian who have lived well over forty years in these United States and have not contributed a fraction of what you have done. I can clearly see from your interview you have accomplished these monumental achievement not for the vulgar self aggrandizement, but for the love you have for your country.  I tip my hat to you. Ethiopia needs more of you and less of those like me. God bless you and wish you long life.

January 6, 2014

Dear Dr. Molla, Aberra

I just wanted to let you know that your Amharic software, GeezEdit, has been quiet easy software to use. The effort you went through to make Amharic typing this much easier with no need for additional equipment than the standard PC keyboard and no need to install it is “Very Impressive”!!!

I am very familiar with Amharic typing and how the typewriter keys work. I was a Secretarial Science and Office Management student in Addis Ababa College of Commerce and also worked temporarily for a small company in Addis Ababa whose business was providing Amharic typing services to publishers. I remember some of the letters taking two to four keystrokes to write a single letter. Your software is easy to use but with rich features that can be used by all with different skill levels. It is up to the user to explore and learn more advanced keystrokes if they choose to do so, but they can simply use the basic feature and still be productive. I am also impressed by how easy it is to start using it: run it from the CD or install it – I used the CD itself and was up and running in less than five minutes. I have sent two copies I purchased to my family members in Ethiopia (and thanks for making it free for those able to use it online, but with limited internet access in Ethiopia, the CD is a better option) so I am certain that they will find out soon how your software made typing Amharic very easy! The font is also beautiful.

As someone whose native tongue is Amharic, knows that Amharic is the national language of my native country, I personally want to take this opportunity to say thank you for your contribution to help keep the language alive, to bring Amharic typing to international standard by incorporating the Amharic keyboard into the standard English keyboard, adding the Ethiopic to UNICODE, to help the many thousands if not millions of typists, secretaries, and other personal user’s lives a lot easier and helping them be more productive. You could have chosen other venues to spend your effort, resource and talent on but the fact that you took on this challenging effort for over three decades tells me that you are someone who dearly love who you are as individual Ethiopian and the values and the culture that you are a product of, your desire to give something back and keep the Ethiopian languages alive. What makes it even more impressive is – computer software is not your major area of study. I say Ethiopian vs. Amharic because, although I haven’t used them, the software provides ability to type in other Ethiopian languages as well keeping them alive and make the lives of users with different language background easier and provide them with better productivity tool. You have given back tremendously to your people and I am sure those users benefiting from your invention can attest.

As someone who has been using and working with computer software for over two decades, has significant background with both English and Amharic typing and very good understanding of computer software testing and programming, the challenge you took does not look to me as an easy one. So it would be very educational to learn the process that led to creating the keys and also incorporating them into the regular English keyboard.

In the mean time, I sincerely thank you for investing your time, resource and talent in this noble effort for decades. This is a tool that will make the lives of many users (especially in Ethiopia where Amharic is still the national language and first business language) easier, fun and improve productivity. All of these are a combination of values created by your software and I am positive users will realize the value very quickly!

It is my privilege to get to know you and learn about your work!


Yenealem Fantaye Gunning (CSTE)
Software Quality Analyst III
McKesson Corporation – RH
Denver, CO


Dr. Aberra,

Nice talking personally with you today, regarding your new invention
as I am also aware of others a long time ago. I understand that this is God given
talent to you. I am glad that instead of keeping it to yourself you made it
available to your countrymen and women to apply this technology which
assists everyone to keep up with the current information age. You have
improved and made it easy to use. I recommend that Ethiopians and people of Ethiopian origin to buy it. It is helpful to everyone.

Dr. Aberra keep up with your good job and I believe in more ideas yet to come.
God bless you for the awesome job you are contributing to this generation and I am very proud of you.

Denver, Colorado, 2/17/14


In a message dated 10/30/2013 12:31:20 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time, mgesse@dekalbcountyga.gov writes:
I don’t really know how to start it Dr. Aberra. You always amaze me. I admire your extraordinary determination. I remember the time when I first started using your software, back in early 90’s. I later used Geezedit for my publication “LANDAFTA”. "ላንዳፍታ" was the first full-fledged Amharic Magazine published in the United States. It lasted for almost 10 years. I looked into different Ethiopic programs in 1991 and selected yours because of its ease of use. I have been loyal to it ever since. I have used your software for a lot of other things including, books, articles and name it.
Few things I want to say:
1. No more than 2 key strokes.
2. As true type fonts, the letters never crack whatever font size you use.
3. Compatibility with different programs including Excel, Access and even Page Maker and InDesign. I used the letters in Photoshop to design artistic letters for signs.

I couldn’t get good word to express my admiration when I saw the new development, GeezEdit 2. IT IS AMAZING and REMARKABLE! The new development is beyond my belief. It is great!

I am now using the new software for the novel I am currently writing. The new features have helped me a lot.

Please keep up the good work for the sake of Mother Ethiopia. The future generation needs it.

Thanks and Great Job!!!!

Mekonnen Gessesse (MUPP)
Senior Planner – Policy Analysis 
Stone Mountain, GA


From: gselassie@gmail.com
To: Ethiopian@aol.com
Sent: 10/24/2013 9:49:26 A.M. Mountain Daylight Time
Subj: ተባረክ


በመጀመሪያ፡በአባቶቻችን፣በአያቶቻችን፣በቅድም፡አያቶቻችን፣በቅም፡አያቶቻችን፣ ቅምቅም፡አያቶቻችን፡በጠቅላላው፡በአብርሐም፣በይስሃቅ፡በእስራኤል፡እምላክ፡ስም፡አመሰግንሀለሁ። እንደው፡ባጭሩ፡እግዚአብሔር፡ይስጥልኝ። ከጥንት፡ጥንት፡ተያይዞ፡የመጣውን፡ቋንቋችንን፡ፊደላችንን፡በዘመናዊ፡መሣሪያ፡አንድም፡ጭረት፡እንኳን፡ሳይቀር፡በአንድና፡በሁለት፡ቁልፎች፡እንዲከተቡ፡ማድረግህ፡ይገርማል። አንተ፡ጠንክረህ፡ደክመህ፡ባትፈለስፈው፡ኖሮ፡በአራት፡ቁልፎች፡ለዘለዓለም፡ስንቀጠቅጥ፡ልንኖር፡ነበር።

ልጅን፡ሲወዱ፡ከነ፡ንፍጡ፡ነው፡እንደሚባለው፡ነጥቦች፣ሰረዞች፣ድርብ፡ሰረዞች፡በሙሉ፡እወዳቸዋለሁ። የሀገሬ፡ፈደል፡አንድም፡ጠብ፡የሚል፡የለበትም። ለእንደኔ፡ያለው፡ታይፕ፡ማድረግ፡ፍጥነት፡ለሌለው፡ፍጥነቱን፡መቀነሻ፡ዘዴ፡ማስገባትህ፡የሚገርም፡ነው። በእውነቱ፡በዚህ፡በአደረከው፡አስተዋጽዎ፡በአስተያየቴ፡የኖቤል፡ሺልማት፡የሚገባህ፡ድንቅ፡ኢትዮጲያዊ፡ነህ።




Dear Dr. Aberra,

GOD bless and thanks for the new Geezedit. It has enabled the true Ethiopians to keep their heritage intact. You have an excellent product.

As the AAU engineering students said you saved us from four key strokes to type Amharic. Can you imagine four key strokes forever? It will take time and I would be frustrated and give up.

Thanks again,
Getachew W. Selassie

Boston, MA 


In a message dated 10/5/2013 6:40:37 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time, gbetru@gmail.com writes:

Selam Dr. Aberra,

I just wanted to express my deepest appreciation for your tireless dedication and hard work to preserve our unique alphabet and language by making it possible to use it with the latest technology and electronic communication systems. I was able to compose the attached poem while practicing to master using "geezedit" following your tutorial.

I admire your remarkable persistence despite all the challenges you had to overcome and I hope and pray that it will not take a long time to get it adopted as a standard system commonly used in schools and offices by Ethiopians all over the world.

Congratulations for a historical achievement with outstanding success.

With best regards
Dallas, TX



ያለፍርሃት ያለጭንቀት
ዜጋዋ ሃሳቡን የሚገልፅባት
ነፃ እውቀት የሚፈልቅባት
እውነት የሰፈነባት
ፍትህ የነገሠባት
የዜጎች እኩልነት የተረጋገጠባት
ሁሉም እንደችሎታው ሠርቶ የሚኖርባት
ሕዝብ ያማከለ ዘላቂ ልማት የተስፋፋባት
ከረሃብ ከደዌ ተላቃ ጤናና እርካታ የሞላባት
የጋርዮሽ ባህልና ታሪክ የዳበረባት
የጎጥ ግርዶሽ ተገላልጦ የአንድነት ጮራ የበራባት
ከፋፋይ ግንብ ተንዶ የሰላም አዳራሽ የተገነባባት
እጅ ለእጅ ተያይዞ ይህችን ኢትዮጵያ መገንባት
ይሄ ነው መገለጫው የኛ ኢትዮጵያዊነት።

ከበትሩ ገብረእግዚኣብሄር
10/05/2013 ዳላስ